Legal Information

By using the website and/or any of the apps or games released by the company (Square Pug Limited), you agree to these terms.

These terms only apply when you download or play with an app or game via one of our official distribution methods, sometimes people steal apps and illegally upload them elsewhere, they may add malicious code which is out of our control, as such we take no responsibility for this. If you have a magic wand to stop thieves stealing apps we would very much like you to get in touch.

Terms of Service
Square Pug Limited (registered UK company number: 09896559) does not take any responsibility for any damage caused or problems whilst using the apps, games or website.

There is no guarantee that apps or games will run on your device. Compatibility is tested on a wide range of devices but there are so many it is impossible to guarantee it will work on yours.

If you transact an in-app purchase and do not receive your upgrade you can get a full refund once full details and screenshot proof have been sent to the company.

Some apps have iAPs which allow the user to purchase upgrades with real money. If this isn’t wanted, you are asked to please disable in-app purchases in your devices settings, especially recommended if you have children.

Privacy Policy
This website uses cookies to store information about your visit, nothing sensitive is tracked. This website will NOT share any of your personal information with any third parties, ever. To stop cookies please disable them on your computer/device.

All apps ask for the required permissions before you download the application to your device, if you are not happy with any of the permissions please don’t proceed with the download.

The company does not directly record or store any of your information, when using an app or playing a game.

If you have any concerns about privacy you are encouraged to contact the company as this is an important issue.

Any emails sent to us may be stored for future reference.

This document was last updated on 12th February 2016.

Revisions and Responsibilities
Users agree to all modifications, and updates to the company terms, and all other policies by the company, which become effective immediately without notice.

As a small company we take our responsibility seriously, and put ourselves in the users shoes (we are gamers and app users ourselves after all!) to make sure you get a good experience and your data is not at risk. It is a tough world though and that is why we have these terms to protect ourselves in the event of any less than desirable people legally threatening us unfairly.